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Wheeler County Fire & Rescue 

This year, based on the advice of our Office of Emergency Management, the Wheeler County Court merged Wheeler County Search and Rescue with elements of the Wheeler Point Fire Association to create Wheeler County Fire & Rescue (WCF&R).


Wheeler County Fire & Rescue (WCF&R) is a small group of 11 dedicated volunteers outfitted and trained to provide fire suppression assistance to all of us in Wheeler County. Under the direction of Fire Service Coordinator Rick Shaffer and Chief Scott Field, they deploy out of three divisions (Mitchell, Spray and Fossil), and serve as our initial response to fires threatening lands in Wheeler County.


Wheeler County Fire & Rescue (WCF&R) responded to its first fire and saved one residence on July 13, one day after being organized. While this was a great success, additional good work has been done. In just two short months, Wheeler County Fire & Rescue (WCF&R) has responded to 33 major fires and has assisted in the defense and protection of seven residences.


Now we need your help!


Recently, we have taken steps to find alternate ways to support Wheeler County Fire & Rescue (WCF&R), which we already believe is an invaluable resource to Wheeler County. With the assistance of Greg Smith, we are now able to use the Wheeler County Development Corporation and its 501(c)(3) status to provide a tax deductible option for those who wish to support Wheeler County Fire & Rescue (WCF&R).


Your tax deductible donation will be used to provide much-needed training, fuel and equipment. Whether it is a one-time or recurring donation, it will go a long way in providing protection for the citizens and resources of Wheeler County. Every gift makes a difference.


Please take this opportunity to donate to the Wheeler County Fire & Rescue (WCF&R) today!

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